No matter how particular you like to stay in matters of your health and safety, with time you tend to pick up some bad habits like smoking, chewing tobacco or drinking.

chewing tobacco stopSince you come from the group of those nice people who don’t even touch alcohol and consider smoking a stupid act of burning your lungs, you choose to stay away from these things. However, chewing tobacco seems better and safer to you so, you don’t mind putting some in your mouth every once in a while. But the fact is that chewing tobacco is as harmful as smoking or maybe even more. Smokeless tobacco comes in different forms which can be either chewed or sniffed.

Why people like chewing tobacco?

Tobacco contains nicotine as a main content which is nothing but a naturally occurring chemical compound found in certain plants. Nicotine acts as a stimulant for the brain and relieves stress. Upon chewing tobacco, the nicotine content present in it immediately rushes to the brain and provides a soothing effect. It enhances the production of adrenaline thereby giving an energized feeling to the body.

Nicotine in itself is an addictive compound, thus every time the nicotine levels in your body would go down, it would raise your craving to consume tobacco.

How can the consumption of smokeless tobacco harm you?

The ill effects of smokeless tobacco are listed below:

  • Consuming tobacco in an oral form can lead to cancer in the mouth, tongue or throat.
  • It can lead to severe tooth decay
  • It can cause stomach cancer
  • It can result in cancer in the esophagus
  • It can also lead to cancer in the pancreas
  • Oral consumption of tobacco makes the gums get receded which in turn result in tooth loss
  • It causes bad breath thereby repelling people from coming close to you.

Ways to get rid of the habit of chewing tobacco

Quitting the habit of chewing tobacco is not too easy and requires strong will power. The first step should be to take up a strong decision that this time you would really come out of this addiction no matter what it takes. This can only happen if you notice the harmful effects that this habit has put you through and also try and find out how this addiction affected other people who failed to quit before it spoilt their health. Listen to the success stories of the people who were able to quit and analyze how good they feel in their lives now. This would boost up your morale and persuade you to take a strong decision.

Figure out the cause of that anxiety and stress that abets you to consume tobacco. If somehow you fail to control these causes then try taking some psychological steps such as imagining the act of consuming it rather than actually doing it. It would have a pacifying effect on you and would help you be adamant on your decision to quit.

You can also try attending some rehabilitation sessions that would keep up your will power and the decision to quit.

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