You might have found that today a lot many people smoke cigarettes. They are not even bothered about the place and the occasion while smoking.

quit smokingIt seems that “ This habit ” has become a trend for some. Earlier most of the people didn’t know about the harms caused by smoking but now they are more aware about the dangers caused by this and the harmful physical effects resulting from it. Government has taken the first step towards making “this habit” a big no by making the manufacturers of cigarette print “ Smoking is injurious to health ” or “ Smoking kills ” etc on the packet. Along with this they have also banned TV, radio and other modes of advertisement for the same.

At present almost everyone knows that smoking causes many health hazards in which cancer and heart diseases rank the top. This is an untold fact that smoking can reduce upto 10 years from your lifespan. Many of them know this but still they can’t stop lighting up. The simple reason for this is a single term and that is “Addiction”. Yes smoking is a habit that cannot be stopped so quickly and hence, like any other drug, this takes the control of the mind and body quickly.

There are 4000 plus chemicals that are inside the cigarette and out of these atleast 50 of them are responsible for cancer in human body. Usually there are chemicals such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar but these are not the most dangerous of the lot. There are other toxic chemicals too which are as follows:

  • Acetone: is a solvent in the nail polish removers
  • Ammonia: is used in toilet cleaners as well as in dry cleaning fluids
  • Benzine: is a solvent for gasoline
  • Formaldehyde: is used in the formulation of embalming fluids
  • Cadmium: metal used in making batteries
  • Hexamine: a component for barbeque lighter fluid
  • Naphthalene: is used in making moth balls
  • Mercury: an inorganic substance
  • Hydrogen Cyanide: a poisonous component in a gas chamber
  • Strontium: affects the arterial cells
  • Phenol: a daily use disinfectant
  • Styrene: a kind of plastic
  • Zinc: major cause for lung disorder
  • Toluene: is an industrial solvent

What is the purpose of these chemicals in cigarettes?

Various tobacco companies add various chemicals in the cigarettes because of two reasons: firstly they want to stand apart in the market and the second one is to attract the consumers to consume more and more inorder to increase the sales. Adding flavor and smooth burning of tobacco is the chief purpose behind this, which ultimately leads to smokers smoking more of this.

Hence in order to save yourself from life-threatening diseases, it’s better to take the right decision now- “ Quit Smoking ”.

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