When it comes to body issues for men, guess what’s at the top of the list? Yep, it’s the package size with height and weight coming close behind.

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A new study published in the journal of Sexual Medicinefound that 30% of men worry about their package size. 35% are happy and the rest fell somewhere in between. Men who are older, gay, or bi are more likely to be worried.

The scientist at King’s college London quantified penis anxiety with the help of a questioner called Beliefs About Penis Size Scale (BASS) . Participants were given statements like “I will be laughed at by a partner in sexual situations” or “I will never feel just right” or “I won’t be able to be naked in front of other men.” They were then asked to rate the statements from 1 to 5, strongly disagree to strongly agree. The big take away from the results is that someone’s package anxiety has nothing to do with how big their penis actually is.

Plenty of guys who have packages below the average of 5 and a half inches when erect, in case you were wondering, are totally happy and confident while other guys well above the average were very insecure. The lead scientist, Dr. David Veal says, the most surprising outcome for him was the number of men who agreed that they were worried someone would be able to tell the size and shape of their package with their pants on. That shows that the anxiety goes way beyond sexual encounters and bleeds into everyday life.

It’s sort of alarming how common penis anxiety is and just how deep the anxiety goes. Dr. Veal says that many of the men who have high anxiety were teased in the shower as young adults, or by a former partner.

So are the sexual partners of these men as concerned as they are? The data is mixed and also largely hetero. One study found that women who were more likely to orgasm from the internal clitoris, otherwise known as vaginal or G-spot orgasms expressed more interest in their partner’s package size. But even then, it still wasn’t much concern. After 2.99 inches of flaccid package, women seem to be impressed with any additional length and that’s good news because three inches flaccid is below the average anyways.

Other studies found it’s the height to package ratio that matters most and not the length of the package itself. Can we just take a moment to see that all of this size business isn’t really all about pleasure? A big package is not a requirement for great sex. Vagina and anuses are only sensitive in the first two to three inches, and people of all package sizes all around the world have great sex! Even lesbians have great sex and there is not a package in the vicinity. So what is the deal?

For the most part, small packages aren’t considered a “problem” because they can’t pleasure their partner; they are a problem because they are not considered masculine enough.

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