For the first time in North America, treatment for Gonorrhea has begun to fail meaning that the era of another incurable sexual transmitted infection could be on the horizon.

Until recently, Gonorrhea sometimes referred to as “the clap” or “morning drip” was easily treated with a random antibiotic. But in the past couple of years, more and more cases of Gonorrhea that don’t respond to treatment have been cropping up in the UK, Austria, France, Norway, Japan, and now it’s in Canada which is our next door neighbor.

Seven percent of patients with Gonorrhea at a Toronto health clinic still had it after a round of cephalosporin, which is the last effective oral antibiotic used for treatment. The CDC is crapping in their pants! They warn that it’s only a matter of time before this drug resistant “super gonorrhea” makes its way to the U.S. 700,000 Americans catch gonorrhea every year. After chlamydia, it’s the most common sexual transmitted infection in the U.S. Gonorrhea usually have no symptoms and the person who is infected doesn’t know they have it which is part of who it’s so common.

When it does have symptoms, it causes painful urination, abdominal pain, a yellow-greenish discharge, and itching. Whether or not symptoms shows, if it goes untreated this infection can have some nasty consequences, namely the inability to have kids. It increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy which can be fatal. Babies who are born from moms with gonorrhea are 50 percent more likely to develop eye infections that can result in blindness. It can cause a painful condition called epididymitis in the tubes attached to the testicles. Gonorrhea can also spread to the blood, joints, and cultivate a few other life-threatening conditions.

How does something like this happen all of a sudden? Put simply, the organism evolves and develops a resistance to drugs formulated to kill it. This is especially true when the drugs are used very often. The problem is gonorrhea in a patient moves at an astounding pace partially because it picks up pieces of DNA from other bacteria. When the evolution of an organism moves more quickly than we can, we are unable to treat it.

According to World Health Organization (WHO), in a few years gonorrhea may not respond to ANY treatment. So what does this mean for you? It means if you are having sex, it should be SAFER SEX. Gonorrhea is transmitted through sexual fluids. Vaginal sex, anal sex, and oral sex all can transmit the bacteria so wrap your junk before you bump every single time. Especially if you live in the south. Mississippi, Louisiana, and surrounding states have some of the highest gonorrhea rates in the world.

Because symptoms don’t often sow, it’s also not a bad idea to go get tested with a partner before you become sexually active with them. It’s very easy and cheap, or even free to get tested for gonorrhea at your local clinic.

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