Vitamin E. It’s one of the most powerful nutrients a person can take. Yet according to the USDA, 93% of Americans do not get enough of it.

Research shows that the benefits are numerous. Vitamin E has been shown to protect against cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and neurological diseases, treat various skin disorders, and play a key role in the prevention of cell damage from free radicals.

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Found in foods such as nuts and grains, vegetables, fruits and meats, vitamin E contains antioxidant properties that can have significant health benefits to the body. And even though vitamin E sounds like a single vitamin, many people don’t realize that it’s actually a family of eight separate but related compounds made up of two major categories: tocopherols and tocotrienols.

The difference between these two compounds is that the tocotrienol is a much smaller molecule which is clear from the molecular size. In so doing, the tocotrienol is better at moving around to cell membranes a lot better to protect a much larger surface area.

Studies have revealed, of the eight forms of vitamin E, delta-tocotrienol is the most powerful and active compound followed by gama-tocotrienol. Research first conducted at the University of Wisconsin found that not all vitamin E are created equal. Why are they not created equally? They found that delta-tocotrientol specifically regulate cholesterol synthesis, the making of cholesterol, followed by gama. And when they combined any of these vitamin E, only delta and gama- tocotrienol are synergistic. They found that alpha-tocopherol which is the most common form of vitamin E, does not work. Lastly, when they used the alpha-tocopherol with the gama-tocotrienol alpha-tocopherol interferes with the function of tocotrienol.

The second area of research is cancer. In the cancer area, the juries found that tocotrienol work in four particular cancers: breast prostate, skin, and pancreas. There are many proposals saying how tocotrienol work on cancer. Tocotrienol work to cut the vessel group, essential to starve the tumor to death. Like all the other vitamin E forms, only delta and gama-tocotrienol recruit itself to the cancer site  in order to kill it.

Researchers have recently discovered that the highest concentration of delta and gama-tocotrienol is contained in the annatto fruit found in the Amazon rainforest. The fruit contains an intense red color which is carotene and it is also phototrophic which means that it follows the sun from green to a red color. When the parts are open, it does not have any flesh which means that the intense red carotene, which is very unstable, must have something to protect it. It was there that research discovered that the powerful antioxidant was in fact, tocotrienol and its free from tocopherol. Better yet, it contains almost entirely delta-tocotrienol.

The annatto fruit is the only known tocotrienol source that is naturally free of tocopherol which can interfere with the compound’s health benefits. This is extremely important when we are thinking of the cholesterol lowering effect because it will completely inhibit the cholesterol lowering effect of tocotrienol if there is any tocopherol in it. Because of this it is considered tocotrienol as the supplement of choice when any doctor is wishing to prescribe a non-prescription medication.

Scientists are now using annatto plant-based material to develop nutritional supplements to promote better health. American river nutrition based in Massachussetts holds numerous patents for discovery, manufacture, and uses of tocotrienol from the annatto fruit plant. Today, the biotech organization manufactures this new natural form of delta and gama-tocotrienol in all vitamin E.

Essentially, tocotrienol promotes cholesterol and arterial health. As a recommendation, most people take it at 100 milligram for both the cholesterol and arterial health. Because tocotrienol is an oil and a fat, it is preferable to take it with a meal, like dinner, so that the tocotrienol absorbs better. It is best to take the tocotrienol without the tocopherol because the tocopherol could deter the tocotrienol’s function.

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