Vaginal grooming isn’t just about going for a Brazilian wax or trimming. If you were to know what all it entails, you’d be surprised how much can be done ‘down there’.

But, it is safe to know what’s good for you because for many women vaginal grooming holds great importance. If you’re one of them, do take out time because here’s what you ought to know.

Cleansing Products

There are a lot of products such as soaps and gels available in the market to maintain vaginal hygiene but these can play havoc with pH balance and cause infections. Consider these points:

  • There is no need to buy products that require you to clean your vagina through a nozzle or what is normally known as douching. Your vagina maintains its pH balance through mucous discharge and healthy bacteria propel to keep infections from causing much trouble.
  • To keep vaginal odour at bay, make sure you take bath regularly, change out of wet panty, and don’t wear tight jeans.

Bikini Wax
You want to head south and get rid of your pubic hair because you want it clean and sexy? Take these precautions:

  • Make sure you go to a salon that not just claims good hygiene but is hygienic too. Otherwise you might end up catching infections.
  • Keep in mind that waxing can tear your skin tissues and result in rashes, ingrown hair and other infections. See a doctor if you notice anything unusual down there. However, if you have anyway decided to go for it, wear a soft panty after getting it done so that your skin breathes. Also, don’t scrub the pubic area for the next 48 hours.

Most women end up shaving and trimming their pubic hair, but you can cut down on the cuts and other problems if you are extra careful.

  • Resist the urge to shave if you have ingrown hair bumps or cuts. Let the redness phase out so that there’s no pain while you shave. Unfortunately, if you still shave, you will leave place for an ugly scar.
  • Do not wear tight clothes immediately after shaving because your skin becomes over-sensitive to moisture and bacteria.
  • Do not take hot shower after shaving because it will be as good as inviting trouble for the open pores.

Never heard that people bleach their pubic area? Well, you’re in for a treat of much more information on it then.

  • Bleaching is a chemical way of lightening the skin tone. It can, however cause irritation, leave behind blisters and at times burns too. Considering the kind of risk involved, it is safe to say that you stay away from bleaching. But, if you insist on going for it, make sure you report any kind of mishap to your doctor immediately.

Well, so far so good if you have tried any of the vaginal grooming measures and if it didn’t backfire. But, for the near future, keep all the safety measures in mind and then take a step. Yes, vaginal grooming is essential but keep a check on your obsession. Too much isn’t always too good! A good rule of thumb: Whether you’re having your hair removed professionally or doing it by yourself, wait a day or two before hooking up with your guy, since the tiny nicks will have had a chance to heal, leaving you with less of a chance to get an infection.

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