What stresses you out the most? Chances are if you are stressed out, you don’t think you have any time for stress relief. But the fact is we can’t afford not to make some time for stress relief.

While it seems very important to get all of your errands done, a life full of stress just isn’t worth it. Stress compromises our immune system so we can actually get sick more often, it can cause indigestion, infertility, and can even prevent weight loss. Recognize that stress is going to increase your likelihood of developing chronic diseases and just general illness. At the end of our life, it’s going to be a lot more important that we took care of our physical and mental health than if we just got all of our errands done.

stress relief

For those who don’t have time for stress relief, the one-minute breath meditation may help. You repeat this mantra “There will never be enough time for me to get all of the things done that I want to do…and that’s ok!” While it sounds really silly, accepting the fact that we are never going to have time to do all of the things we want to do is something that we can’t avoid and the faster that you can just accept that, the better you will feel. So with this one-minute mantra, you repeat it to yourself, focus on your breath and relax. If you just start with this, just one minute per day and no more, this would be a really good way to start building in on the little habit of stress relief.

Have Fun

Have some fun! Chances are if you are stressed out, you do not make time for yourself to have fun, have hobbies, and just do things that you enjoy. Doing these things is incredibly important to help relieve stress, help improve our overall physical and mental health. So there are plenty of different things that you can do and as always, this is about finding the things that you like to do. Recognize that it is not something selfish that you are doing, this is something that is very important for maintaining your health. So go have some fun, do something you enjoy and enjoy the stress relief that accompanies that.

Recognize Your Triggers

We are all triggered by different things so the next time you are feeling stressed, stop for a second and ask yourself, “what triggered this? “ Some common triggers are due dates, deadlines, traffic jams, running late for an appointment, having a demanding boss, family stress, etc. Now we only have so much power in avoiding our triggers and this is one aspect of this tip. But the main thing is that we start recognizing our triggers and keeping up a mental list of those triggers so that we can be aware of them when they are about to happen. Once those triggers are triggered, we can then implement the next tip.

Stress Relief Trick

Once you have a general idea of what your different stress triggers are, then you can begin to implement a little stress relief trick. The cool thing about this stress relief trick is that it works differently for everyone. The whole idea is that you figure out what works for you.  You can do the one minute meditation mentioned above, some people would tap into acupuncture points, maybe its humming the lyrics to your favorite song, taking a run around the block, or who knows.  The whole idea is that you figure out something that you like to do and then you start implementing your stress relief trick every time you feel stress coming on or once you’ve already gotten stressed out and over time that will become a habit.  It will become a habit that will immediately start to de-stress you whenever you start doing whatever is in your stress relief trick.

Normally when we think about stress, we think about stress as an experience or emotion that we feel.  But it’s important to recognize that stress is actually a physical condition and when we experience stress, it actually turns on an entire separate part of our nervous system. It turns on the sympathetic nervous system that contributes to the “fight or flight” response. Recognize that when we are feeling stressed out, our body is physically going through changes so we release the stress hormone, cortisol, for instance. And cortisol is known to inhibit digestion which is why stress can cause stomach and digestive issues. Stress has also been linked to insomnia, infertility, and metabolic syndrome which is often characterized by excess belly fat. If you can start to recognize that stress is not just some pesky thing that you feel sometimes, this is actually a physical condition and very stressful on the body, then it’s going to help you lend a little more importance to stress relief activities.

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