Are you one of those who are feeling ashamed due to an overloaded body?

body mass index

The WHO (World Health Organization) has revealed in a study that there are billions of adults are living with excess weight and 300 million of them are considered overweight and obese. Obese are more likely to get many severe ailments. Obesity is the one of the critical causes of raising many life-threatening health disorders such as stroke, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. All these health ailments are the result of excess intake of energy dense foodstuffs which are high in saturated sugars & fats and make you lazy. Obesity makes your body inactive and you feel tired and exhausted all day long.

This health condition is commonly found in people and more than thousands of individuals are facing this problem. And the rate of obese and overweight people is really high in United States. Basically, obesity in every age produces acute mental, emotional, and cultural elements that influence children and adults. Overweight body is the result of excess eating of junk, processed and deep fried foods. When your body accumulates excessive amount of fat, calorie and cholesterol then internal system may have the risk to buildup impurities, toxins and food debris. Unwanted weight is an effect of too much intake of sugar and fats and the lack of workouts.

Obesity & over-weightiness is a condition of growing concern for the wellbeing and health of a large number of individuals. Lack of physical activity, busy schedules and overeating are some prevalent cause of unhealthy weight gain among children and adults. Overweight is a dangerous factor that contributes to the growth of diabetes and heart disease, apart from other chronic diseases.

Body mass index

Obesity occurs when an individual carries surplus body fat and excess weight. The BMI (body mass index) is the most significant tool when we are talking about to classifying obesity. Body Mass Index is measured by a mathematical equation:

BMI = [(weight in kg) / (height in meters)2]

An individual with a Body Mass Index of 30 or more is considered overweight.

Carrying excessive weight can cause a variety of health complications, disorders and conditions. Obesity is related to blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, stroke and gallbladder disease. Additionally, it can cause stress to the joints and affect sleep quality & fertility. Every day activities become more painful and difficult when an individual is overweight. So keep healthy weight and live better life.

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