Currently, there is not a breast cancer cure. There are, however, many researchers, hospitals, doctors, and organizations around the world searching for a cure. While a definite cure has not been found, there are many treatment options that have helped many women and men stay in remission. As you become familiar with your treatment options, you can have an informed conversation with your doctor about the treatments available to you.

Surgery as a Breast Cancer Cure

While surgery is not a breast cancer cure, it is often an effective way to remove cancerous cells, allowing women and men with breast cancer to enter remission. Many women think breast cancer surgery automatically means a mastectomy. The good news is surgeons often are able to remove tumors while leaving the breast intact. Mastectomies are a good option in some cases, though, because it can be the closest thing to a cure. Removing the breast significantly reduces the chance of cancer spreading to other parts of the body, making it much harder to treat.

Surgery is often most effective when it is performed during early stages of the disease. Be sure to visit your doctor immediately if you recognize any signs of breast cancer. Perform self-tests monthly and seek an appropriate level of screening annually to find any small tumors or lumps which could turn into cancer.

Medication as a Breast Cancer Cure

Many medical breakthroughs have been made to revolutionize treatment options for breast cancer, but a cure remains elusive. Some drug treatments can cure breast cancer in certain women, but there are no guarantees they will work for all individuals. Some of the most effective drug treatments include chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Chemotherapy has been effective in treating many different types of cancer. The drugs can either be taken orally or they can be injected. The chemicals in the drugs poison the cancer cells so that they die. This can result in unwanted side effects, though, so a patient’s overall health must be good enough to tolerate this type of breast cancer treatment.

Radiation Therapy as a Breast Cancer Cure

There are two main types of radiation therapies doctors use to cure breast cancer. External radiation therapy uses external beams of high energy to kill cancerous cells in the breasts. This is a non-invasive technique often used in conjunction with surgery or medication. Internal radiation therapy uses radioactive pellets placed in the breasts next to the cancerous cells or, in some cases, a technique often referred to as balloon radiation therapy is employed. These radiation therapies can kill cancer cells that cannot be removed completely through surgery alone.

Finding a Breast Cancer Cure

While scientists continue to look for a breast cancer cure, they also discover new treatment options that make it possible for more women to survive the disease. If you have any symptoms, an appointment with your doctor should be made immediately to determine a diagnosis. If tests reveal that you do, indeed, have breast cancer, then you should discuss the many different treatment options available to you, which can be used to effectively “cure” your breast cancer by achieving a state of long-term or indefinite remission.

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