A certain amount of forgetfulness comes along with advancing age. Walking into a room and forgetting why or forgetting where you put your glasses/car keys/coat/etc is quite normal, that type of forgetfulness is normal and even happens to us when we’re young.

symptoms of alzheimersTherefore just because you or someone you love forgets something occasionally it doesn’t mean the onset of Alzheimer’s. But there are certain symptoms that Alzheimer’s does display and catching these early warning signs and getting an early diagnosis and treatment can help slow down the progression of the brain disease.


Not the common type of occasionally forgetful we all experience, but a type of forgetfulness that disrupts everyday life and or places someone in danger, like forgetting to turn the stove off or forgetting how to get back home after a shopping trip.

Inability to Solve Simple Problems

This early warning symptom of Alzheimer’s may show up when the person can’t seem to follow a familiar recipe, balance a checkbook or figure out which key on the key-ring unlocks their front door.

Difficulty with Familiar Tasks

Forgetting how to operate the vacuum cleaner, becoming confused over how to play a familiar game or displaying difficulty in doing any familiar tasks.


Momentarily not knowing where they are or who you are is an early warning symptom of Alzheimer’s. The confusion will pass in moments during the early stages of the brain disease and may be chalked up to grogginess or medication, but if the confusion happens the second or third time, it’s time to see a doctor.

Vision Changes

This early warning symptoms of Alzheimer’s is frequently mistaken for macular degeneration or cataracts. In Alzheimer’s patients, vision changes cause the person to be unable to distinguish color, judge distance or have difficulty reading and driving.

Change is Vocabulary

A person with Alzheimer’s frequently is unable to find the right word(s) to say when trying to relay information. A chair may be called a seat, the bedroom may get re-named the back-room. An Alzheimer’s patient may also forget what they were talking about in mid-sentence and stop talking.

Losing Things

When things are frequently being lost and misplaced and the person can’t think where they seen the item last, it could be an early warning sign of Alzheimer’s. Placing things in very unusual symptom. Misplacing items and accusing others of stealing those items is also a symptom.

places, like canned food in the refrigerator and clothes in the oven is also an early warning.

Poor Judgment

Giving away a large sum of money or failure to dress properly when leaving home are two early warning symptoms of a person with Alzheimer’s. A person who has begun to make choices that are out-of-character for them may be heading down the Alzheimer’s road.

Become a Loner

If a normally active and social person becomes withdrawn, uninterested in work, hobbies or other activities and just wants to be alone, that’s an early sign of Alzheimer’s.

Upset and Suspicious

A person with Alzheimer’s will undergo a personality change that will worsen as the brain disease progresses. Alzheimer’s causes people to be easily upset, confused and suspicious, often feeling like others are out-to-get them, stealing from them or in someway meaning them harm.

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