Drug Therapies

As is the case for other neurodegenerative diseases, treatments fall into two categories: first, those which attempt to halt the progression of the disease and second, those which offer some alleviation of the symptoms such as anxiety, depression, psychosis and sleeplessnesss.

Images of the brain scans

The early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease is important in order for those developing the disease to benefit from current treatments available – most of which have the greatest effect in the initial stages of the condition.

Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s

A risk factor is something which may increase an individual’s chance of developing a particular disorder.

Indications of Alzheimer’s

The symptoms associated with dementia, irrespective of the type of dementia suffered, are similar which may cause some delay in receiving a definitive diagnosis.

Alois Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia which affects brain function.

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