Do you know why individuals are on the lookout for acne prevention tips?

acne prevention tips

Well you might be unaware but around 50 million people are suffering from acne breakouts in the United States with most of them being teens going through puberty. Doctors have revealed the fact that acne eruptions are caused by skin’s secretion of extra amounts of sebum oil. But what actually causes this surplus secretion is not completely understood. Supposedly it is caused due to body’s hormonal imbalances.

In this article, causes behind the outbreak of acne and certain tips for preventing it are being discussed

Acne Formation

Sebum oil, Bacteria and Dead skin are the three factors responsible for the outbreak of acne. When the excess amount of sebum is secreted by skin, this oil clumps with the withered and dead skin of your face. These clusters of dead skin subsequently block the pores of the skin entrapping bacteria within the pores. After that the bacteria starts growing and is eventually attacked by the immune system that causes inflammation or acne.

So the question is how to put an end to the formation of acne!!!!!

  • Keep Your Face Clean- Cleansing your face twice in a day is advisable but make sure that you use a good quality cleanser. Cleanser should suit your body type and your skin texture. Keep regular soap at bay. Use medicated soap recommended by a dermatologist. This cleansing routine has the power of removing excess sebum that will eventually cast off bacteria and dead skin. Exfoliation of the face is also recommended twice a week In order to eliminate dead skin. After cleansing your face do not touch your face with your hands.
  • Acnezine- This is a product that has the ability to work internally as well as externally. The external wipes assist in removing bacteria and lifeless skin. While the internal aspect of it helps the body in stabilizing hormones and helping in minimizing sebum.
  • Diet- Discard the old grandma’s tale about greasy foods and chocolate causing acne. Because there isn’t any proof to this concept. However, taking green leafy vegetables, fat free diet and low processed foods will surely help in minimizing acne breakouts. Also reduce saturated fats and increase the intake of unsaturated fats.

Adhere to these tips so as to get maximum benefits and keep acne off your face.

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