Acne is a vacillating teenage problem but can also continue to haunt you like devils even in your middle ages due to various factors. Hormonal imbalances, stress, oily skin, spicy and greasy food, extreme intake of caffeine, coffee and tea and of course no exercises!

Generally an acne outbreak leads to hibernation and embarrassment. One tends to avoid social gathering, meeting friends and going in public. But there are a few ways by which you can shirk off your acne. One is in dark light if he feels that squeezing and picking acne can make you sense a better feeling than before and will prevent you from any kind of further problems. You are doing the worst thing to your face if you pick or squeeze acne for the fact that it will leave permanent marks and can also set alight that area. It can multiply the bacteria and can make your face ugly and embarrassing.

Acne can appear on the shoulder and chest apart from your face. They can appear in various forms like whiteheads, blackheads and pimples. They can become infected and oozy if you desert them or treat them with negligence. Apart from visiting a dermatologist and taking his prescribed medicines you can also go for a few tested and proved natural remedies.

These domesticated medications are not only time but also economical too.

  • Good hygiene is the best way to kick off acne. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands. A mild and gentle face wash should be used to slap the dry skin. Do not rub the blemishes with a towel for the fact that it will give rise to more aggravate irritation and blotches.
  • Exercising regularly is very important. The sweat flushes out the toxins from the body.
  • Consuming a balanced diet which includes fresh fruits and vegetables will surely cure acne.
  • Drinking a lot of water is preferable for the fact that it creates a genial internal environment.
  • Say no to too much of cosmetics as it may hamper your acne curing methods.
  • Application of raw aloevera is important for obtaining respite from scratch marks.
  • Due to cleansing and anti bacterial properties tea is a good cure.
  • Pure safflower oil is good for moisturizing the skin. It not only thwarts clogging of pores but also ensures proper flow of oxygen.

By going the way of these methods you can surely kick off your acne problem and flaunt your beauty.

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