Referred to as Montmorillonite, bentonite clay is one of the most compelling and powerful healing clays on earth. It can be used for many different reasons such as a clay dressing, mud pack or in the bath, and even skin care recipes!

bentonite clayFor the skin, it is used as a natural beauty mask to help extract dirt out of the skin’s pores and to help soften and smooth it up. Those who are familiar with bentonite clay know that it acts as a clarifying agent. Also, the detoxifying features of the clay can have a tremendous impact on your health.

Detoxing qualities of bentonite

Bentonite clay is basically sedimentary clay that is made up of weathered and aged volcanic ash. The clay is most famous for its conversion into a strong, negatively charged atom when it is hydrated into a paste or taken internally and combined with digestive fluids and water.

It is as a result of this negative charge that the atoms are so powerful at scrubbing for positively charged toxins that have taken over the body. The atoms will act as “traps” for these toxins, plaques and other built up materials that should not be on the skin, let alone the body, dragging them away from their surface or captivating them to itself in order to flush away.

Bentonite clay has an alkaline effect in the body when consumed and therefore may be healthy for furnishing a healthy flora in the intestinal tract and keeping the not so healthy kind from growing and spreading as they do in an acidic environment. It is quite frequently used in natural detox products as a constituent which helps to cleanse the walls of both the large and small intestines as well as the colon since it has powerful absorbent pull.

For those setting out on a weight loss journey, bentonite clay would make a great detox product. It helps to jump start the body by washing out the toxins that may have accumulated in the body due to poor diet choice and gives your body a brand new start to be ready to welcome and effectively absorb healthy and therapeutic foods.

Because the clay have an absorbent nature much the same as a sponge, it may even be noticeable in some natural cat litter alternatives. It is very powerful at absorbing musty odors around the area, and as a non-toxic material to humans and animals which make it a logical added ingredient.

Bentonite clay as a deep pore cleansing mask

If you have acne prone skin or is in need of a deep-cleaning of your skin without irritating it or drying it out, bentonite clay makes an excellent facial mask. It comes in the form a sand-like powder that is very fine and has an almost velvety feel when dry.

For simplicity, take the bentonite powder and mix it up with purified water. Blending it would do the trick. You can add any essential oil that you would like to give it the spa treatment quality.

If you have oily skin, it is recommended to add lavender oil, tea tree oil, or any other citrus fruits oils to the clay mix. For dry or combination skin, try adding rose, sea buckthorn, or carrot seed oil and see if that helps. This mix will help to add moisture and bring back balance to your skin. The great thing about bentonite clay is that even though it gets in pores and deep cleans it out, it will not leave your skin feeling dried out. It actually is effective on skin that tends to be on the dry side.

Who knew that you can even create a hair mask out of the clay by mixing it with equal parts water and your choice of hair-healthy essential oils such as melted coconut oil, argon oil, or jojoba oil if you battle with a greasy scalp? Bentonite clay will help to clarify the hair of everyday products by removing the buildup that weighs it down, and depending on your hair type, any oils added to the mask can also help bring back moisture to the scalp.

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