Tea tree oil is a light-yellow oil drawn out from a plant in Australia known as melaleuca alternifolia. It has been used for ages by the Australians for all kind of skin disorders such as acne, bruises, coughs, and colds. Tea tree oil can be applied on to the skin and should never be ingested. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. Because it offers a plethora of benefits, many people have often wondered whether tea tree oil can also remove skin tags.

The answer is a resounding yes! You can use tea tree oil at home if you have skin tags. This treatment will help to remove them naturally

How to use tea tree oil

You want to first wash the area that has the skin tag with soap and water. You then want to add a few drops of the tea tree oil onto the skin tag. Try to do this at least three to four times a day until the skin tag falls off. If the oil causes skin irritation, or is too strong for you, apply it using a wet cotton ball.

Side effects of tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is overall a safe natural product to use in your home. If you are allergic to the oil, you may develop dermatitis when applied directly on the skin. It is advised to test out the potency of the tea tree oil on your skin first, preferably somewhere concealed just in case an allergic reaction was to develop.

Tea tree oil is only meant to be used topically as mentioned above. According to the American Cancer Society, the oil is very poisonous when ingested. It can cause confusion, coma, dizziness, tiredness, vomiting, rash, and vomiting. Tea tree oil can be fatal if consumed at very high doses.

Skin tag removal at home

If you find your skin just not cooperating with the tea tree oil because of allergic reactions, or if the skin tag is not going away fast enough, there are other natural ways to remove them. Leaving a string tied around the base of the skin tag and leaving that on for a few days will cause the skin tag to die off. You can dab some clear nail polish onto it and covering it up with a band-aid. This technique may take longer for the skin tag to die off than tying it up.

In addition to the above remedies for skin tag removal, you can also cut it off if you don’t mind a little blood. Make sure the equipment that you are using is sterile, and use a topical anesthetic to reduce pain. You will bleed because the skin tag contains blood vessels. Apply Neosporin to it and cover it up with a bandage to allow it to heal.

Professional removal services

You may need to go seek professional help in some cases to help remove the skin tags. The doctors may remove the skin tag by different methods ranging from cutting it off during surgery, freezing it off, or burning it off. Side effects such as scarring may appear so be sure to proceed with caution.

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