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More Microbe Than Human DNA

Humans: More Microbe Than Human DNA

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Could it be that microbes make the man – or woman? Read More »
Healing Herbs

Healing Herbs

Herbs are hot and getting hotter. Years ago, anyone interested in using or…
hangover cure

Is There Really a Cure For a Hangover?

There is no real cure for a hangover. But scientists are arguing that it’s…
Improve Heart Health

The Metabolic Nature Of Heart Disease

Each year, the US spends a whopping $60 billion on surgical and invasive cardio…
herbal medicines

Doctors do not understand herbal medicines

Herbal medicines are popular with patients. A recent survey revealed that one…

Women’s, Men’s Health

heart health of women

Improve Heart Health and Keep Heart Diseases at Bay

Both men and women are prone to develop heart diseases irrespective of the gender. In fact, this is one of the topmost causes of death in women between 25 to 44 years of age. Since, heart health of women is as important as men, we must know how to improve our… Read More »
Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice For UTI: Fact or Theory?

UTIs aka urinary tract infections aka bladder infections are one of the most common…

Is Douching Healthy For a Woman?

In French, the term Douche Translates to “washing with water” or to “absorb,” and…
Hot flashes in men

Hot Flashes for Men: It Could Be More Than Andropause

While most men maintain normal testosterone levels during their lives, 70% to 80% of us…
Diet for Muscles

Diet For Gaining Muscles

Gaining muscle through diet should be always being fun. But the mass-building, short menu…

Diet & Weight Loss

Key To Losing Weight

The Key To Losing Weight Lies on The Size of Your Plate

Are you sick of those stupid ads that claim to help you have a simple tip to lose weight? Seriously, stop it internet. Instead, use your brain to trick your stomach into eating less. Read More »

Family and Parenting

toilet training your child

Toilet Training Your Child

Starting in 1914, the U.S. Department of Labor Children’s Bureau put out a series of publications called Infant Care, which provides us with an interesting history of toilet training philosophies over the years.
gestational diabetes

Gestational Diabetes: Diabetes During Pregnancy

We all know that staying healthy and making smart choices during pregnancy is important…
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

SIDS: What It Is And How To Prevent It

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also referred to as cot death or crib death, is…
Acupuncture for infertility

Acupuncture: The oldest Treatment on Earth for Infertility

Are you amongst the millions who are having trouble getting pregnant?
Weight Gain During Pregnancy

Weight Gain During Pregnancy And How To Maintain It

According to the official view, a woman of average weight before pregnancy should gain 25…